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Rely on Experience

Online solutions demand state-of-the-art technical standards. Our designers and programmers develop solutions with state-of-the-art technology. The results are high-quality and future-proof projects for our customers.

Online solutions demand state-of-the-art technical standards. Our designers and programmers develop solutions with state-of-the-art technology. The results are high-quality and future-proof projects for our customers.

Rapid, efficient and independent

Content management systems (CMS) are the central working platform to animate the online presence of a company. They make it possible to carry out editorial work quickly and from any location. These systems are easy to operate and do not need any particular technical skills from the content managers. We use two content management systems, which cover virtually all applications in the corporate environment – TYPO3 and Magnolia CMS.


TYPO3 is definitely the most widely used open source content management system. It is very efficient, making it suitable for any project size. TYPO3 is used and developed by a large community – which means it is always up-to-date.

Beispiel Typo3 Login

Beispiel Magnolia Enterprise CMS

Magnolia Enterprise CMS

Magnolia CMS is an enterprise content management system from Switzerland, which is extremely reliable due to its Java basis, thus satisfying the highest standards. Its sophisticated workflow management makes it a valuable tool for online corporate communication – even for large-scale and international editing.

Magnolia supports load balancing on distributed server environments as well as the physical separation between web servers and authoring systems. The EQS Group is an official Magnolia partner and is using the current Magnolia version 5.



HTML5 is the language of the future on the web. HTML 5 makes it possible to better structure the content of websites. In addition, dynamic contents, such as audio and video, can be incorporated. Before now, special plugins (Flash, etc.) were needed for this.

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The so-called "Cascading Style Sheets" are the icing on the cake when it comes to modern web design. Only through them is it possible to graphically design a website. CSS3 is the latest standard of this technology, which contains lots of modern design elements.

              Logo jQuery

JavaScript und jQuery

Many dynamic functions of modern websites are only possible thanks to JavaScript. This includes animations on the website and validity checks of form data. With jQuery, a special JavaScript library is available to us, which makes many applications in modern web design easier.

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AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is closely connected to JavaScript. This concept of asynchronous data transmission to websites makes it possible to dynamically reload content without having to reload the entire website.

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PHP is a server-generated open source script language, which is used to create dynamic websites and web applications. This technology is very widely used as it offers a number of function libraries and wide database support.

               Logo MySQL


All dynamic websites require a database. One of the most widely used systems is MySQL. Structured data can be saved and linked using this database management system.



Java is a cross-platform programming language which allows the creation of complex applications.

Analytics – get to know your visitors

Do you want to present your company perfectly with your online presence, convey a positive image and create a high recognition value? Then you need to strike the right note when you address your target groups.

To do this, you need to know who you’re addressing. This requires extensive web analysis. Our analytical expertise can help you to analyse the behaviour of visitors to your website and to measure your website aims.



Web-Analyse, Analytics-Expertise

This data is the basis for the next step: Optimising your online presence so that your visitors want to come back.

It goes without saying that we will also set up your systems accordingly: As an alternative to Google Analytics, we integrate the software of our partner, etracker, for particularly high security standards. With its guaranteed data storage within Germany, this fulfils all the requirements for extensive web analysis – integrally, dependent on your requirements and in compliance with data privacy regulations.

To get to know your website visitors better, you should first make contact with the consultants at EQS Corporate Communications because they know the best solutions for your needs.

They can provide you with answers to a variety of questions

  • How much traffic is on your website?
  • How long do visitors stay?
  • What information is requested?
  • And which paths of use do your target groups prefer?

Quick. Secure. Stable.

High-end hosting and providing

We rely on the experience of Indevis GmbH, Munich, to operate your website. Our long-term partner specialises in hosting & support, guaranteeing very rapid reaction times and systems that are perfectly tailored to your applications.

Do you have the highest requirements on failure safety and performance? Then you’ve come to the right place. Together with our partner Indevis, we will design and dimension a customised solution for you.

Service & support

A good website lives and develops further. Software requires regular maintenance to ensure smooth operation. This is the only way to guarantee that security vulnerabilities, particularly in the system environment but also in the software itself, can be rectified.

And after the go-live, we don’t just abandon you.

Our service team will help you with any user questions, import the latest security updates and accept any requests for changes. You have the choice of various service levels, which differ in terms of the type and scope of the support and reaction time.

Content maintenance

Let your target groups take part in the development of your company. Your corporate website should be characterised by good design and the latest technical standards – but also by its topicality as well. Because visitors will only return to your website if they feel well and comprehensively informed.

Increase your visibility on the internet!

Up-to-date and ever refreshed content make your website seem alive and fresh and increase the probability that it will be found by search engines.

We are happy to take on the regular maintenance of your site for you – so that you can concentrate on your core business. Our content managers know your systems and your business, so you benefit from this in the form of very rapid reaction times.

We are also happy to help you with any individual changes and are on call for you – around the clock if that’s what you want.