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One-Stop Communication Solutions

From the idea to the solution – Emphasise your presence online and offline! Our extensive solutions portfolio allows you to communicate with your user segments in a targeted way – irrespective of whether you want to contact customers, applicants, investors or media.

From the idea to the solution – Emphasise your presence online and offline! Our extensive solutions portfolio allows you to communicate with your user segments in a targeted way – irrespective of whether you want to contact customers, applicants, investors or media.

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State-of-the-Art Corporate Communications

We have a keen sense of relevant trends and developments in the digital arena. Therefore, we will support you in creating your online presence based on our consultancy and technical competency.

The individual solutions provided by EQS Corporate Communications will successfully shape your corporate communication. Your corporate website will build the centre, as it is the starting point for a number of different media channels.

We plan, design, programme and host your corporate website and can offer you additional special solutions as well. The creation of high-quality e-magazines in the field of employer branding is just one example that has been proven in practice.

Our websites are characterised by a unique design, easy maintenance and high security standards. We may also expand these in order to include professional tools especially for investor relations, if this is required.

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Our Services at a Glance:

  • Consulting
  • Concept development
  • Screen design, taking into account usability criteria
  • Technical implementation based on latest web technology standards
  • CMS: TYPO3 or Magnolia
  • Hosting, Service & Support

Unlimited flexibility

With responsive web design, you can provide even more flexibility – because the websites developed by EQS Corporate Communications adjust to the display size of the respective device.

This means that users can access your corporate information with their PC, tablet or smart phone – without any restrictions.

As an alternative to our responsive websites, we also offer optimised mobile versions for certain smart phone and tablet devices.

This website is responsive. Resize your browser window and try it yourself!

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Responsive web design is all about having a creative and technical way of creating websites so that these websites can react to the settings on the end device being used. A 'responsive' website is graphically designed using the settings of the individual device the page is viewed on. This particularly affects how individual elements are arranged and displayed, such as navigation, side bars and text, for example.

Always up-to-date – even offline

"Touch and slide" instead of "Click and scroll" – users are increasingly browsing on their mobile devices while they’re out and about. Accordingly, apps for smart phones and tablets are in high demand in companies.

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Tailored app solutions

We can offer stand-alone solutions, i.e. we develop apps for iOS and Android based on your requirements.


The ARCHIVE APP is the mobile publication centre for your company. Any number of documents can be made available on a digital bookshelf. This creates a mobile archive with all corporate documents you need (business reports, marketing brochures, presentations, etc.). You can increase the usability by including links and cross-references. As well as the public version, a closed version for internal use can also be provided.

Our customer SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz already uses the ARCHIVE APP successfully in order to publish product brochures and provide a fertiliser calculator for output quantities.


This is what modern investor relations look like! Investors and analysts can access all financial information about your company using the IR APP – at any time and anywhere.

Individuality is highly important even for these small yet high-performance software programs. Besides the design, which is dictated by the respective corporate identity guidelines and the individual menu bar, there is also a range of different features available. Push notifications are an interesting feature as they let the user know about new messages even when the app has not been started on the mobile device.



Our apps on iTunes and Google Play:

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Social media – communication means listening

Listening is the basis of any communication. This applies in everyday life, B2B communication and social media alike.

This provides an important reason as to why social media is gaining increasingly in importance within corporate communication. Because this communication channel promotes dialogue, companies can listen to their target groups and speak to them.

Social Media

There are countless opportunities for companies to network with business partners, customers and qualified junior staff and speak to them on an equal footing. This is why countless major companies already use Twitter, Xing, Facebook, etc. to support their employer branding online.

But social media includes far more than just social networks. A corporate blog or video portals, such as YouTube, can also be suitable tools to support corporate objectives as part of a diverse communication strategy.

You are sure to achieve at least one aim if you integrate social media into your corporate communication: You will take into account the changed habits of communication and information provision. Without social media, you will no longer be able to reach large parts of your target groups in just a few short years.

If you want to create a reasonable and sustainable strategy for your online communication in social media, then speak to us. We will listen to you – and understand you!

Online and offline in harmony

The further development of digital communication is not sparing corporate publishing either. The message is clear – but how and with which channels should I communicate it? Every company that wants to go public with its information is faced with this question. With online reports, customer and employee magazines and multi-channel publications, there are countless variations which use contents in a variety of channels. The options range from the classic online version, via smart phones and tablets, to email newsletters and classic print publications.

Publishing auf verschiedene Kanälen

We have a lot of experience in creating interactive business reports. As a market leader in the German-speaking world, we transfer more than 60 print reports online every year. Our experts will develop a solution, which is coordinated individually to your IR communication, investor relations website and printed financial report.

With sustainability reports, you can show your strategy for responsible action in many ways. But only by transferring it online will your sustainability report be really sustainable – because this is how you demonstrate your forwards thinking and action as well as your ecological sense of responsibility.

You should be well-versed in the subtleties when creating printed marketing documents. As well as an appealing design and high-quality workmanship, we also attach great importance to a pleasant feel of the product. You can benefit from our high standards when designing brochures, flyers, office infrastructure, etc.

We are happy to provide you with support in creating the texts for your online and printed publications.

Like in the investor relations field, it is worth going a step further when it comes to employer branding as well. Creating an online magazine makes it possible to address your specific target group with appropriate contents, designs and technical features.

For some time now, the Airbus Group has been digitally redesigning its conventional printed magazine. With the "High Flyer", it is possible for our customer to reach and inspire its target group, which is predominantly made up of young engineers and students.