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Website for Investora stock conference

The Investora Zürich stock conference unites the top management of 30 market-listed Swiss companies in Zurich with small-cap and mid-cap investors.

We were responsible for the conception, design, implementation and content maintenance of the modern "one pager".

The aim was to create an innovative website with easy access to information, on which the users could quickly and directly find out about the most important information. All the content of the responsive website is shown on a single page. The user can access all content by simply scrolling down the page. Menu points at the top of the page offer "classic" navigation as an alternative.

This means all the important information about the conference can be easily and intuitively accessed. Visitors can quickly and easily register for the conference directly using a form. We are also undertaking the content maintenance of the website.

Investora Aktienkonferenz